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A modified version of LH20E, designed primarily for die stamping and dispensing techniques for chip bonding. It is a highly reliable silver-filled epoxy with a smooth, thixotropic consistency. Very simple to use.

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EPO-TEK® H20S Advantages & Application Notes:

-  Especially recommended for use in high speed epoxy chip bonding systems where fast cures are highly desirable.

-  Suggested for JEDEC Level III and II plastic IC packaging.

-  The low temperature cure makes it ideal for flex circuitry and other low stress applications.

-  It is used extensively for bonding quartz crystal oscillators and other stress sensitive chips.

-  Used for die and SMD bonding inside hybrid/hermetic packages such as DIP and TO-Cans; also EMI/Rf shielding of micro-electronics.

-  Ideal for making ITO electrical contacts in LCD packaging; and suggested for LED die-attach.

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