Epo-Tek 301-2 Epoxy Resin

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EPO-TEK 301-2 is a two-component, non-conductive epoxy resin with low viscosity, long pot-life and good handling characteristics. It is used for optical, medical and semiconductor applications.

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L301-2 - Epo-Tek 301-2 Epoxy Resin - 8 ounces
L301-2B - Epo Tek 301-2 Epoxy Resin - 1 pound

Advantages & Suggested Application Notes:
-  Suggested for LCD optical lamination and sealing of glass plates. The product can resist yellowing over 17 days of continuous UV light Exposure. Suitable for LED encapsulation.
-  Ease of use: potting and casting, encapsulation and adhesive.
-  Semiconductor applications: underfill for flip chips, glob top encapsulation over wire bonds, spin coating at wafer level including wafer level packaging.
-  Compliant adhesive that will be resistant to impact or vibrations. Low stress adhesive for bonding optics inside OEM/Scientific Instruments.
-  Fiber optic adhesive: bundling fibers, terminating fiber into ferrule, adhesive for mounting optics inside fiber components, bonding glass cover slip over V-groove: spectral transmission of visible and IR light.
-  BIOCOMPATIBLE and NON-TOXIC; Complies with ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing and certified for USP Class VI biocompatibility standards. 
-  Adhesion to glass, quartz, metals, wood and most plastics is very good.
-  May also be used for impregnating wooden or porous objects for artifact restoration.
-  NASA approved, low outgassing epoxy - http://outgassing.nasa.gov/

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