About Ladd Research

Ladd Research was organized in 1954 by Margaret and Bill Ladd to develop and supply products for the growing field of electron microscopy.  In the 1930's, Margaret and Bill had worked on the first electron microscope built in North America at the University of Toronto. At the start of World War II, they moved to the United States to continue their research. In 1954 Ladd Research Industries was formed.

Over the years, the Ladds developed many innovative products ranging far beyond the field of electron microscopy. Some major achievements were:

  1. Electron Microscopy - The Ladd Vacuum Evaporator
    1. The Ladd Critical Point Dryer
    2. Specialized Apertures (including those for satellites)
  2. Medical - The first fiber optic intracranial pressure (ICP) monitor
  3. Environmental - Biological insect traps

Following the passing of Margaret and Bill, the company continued under the guidance of John and Rita Arnott and many of the other Ladd employees.  John had been instrumental in developing and establishing Ladd Medical (a division of Ladd Research Industries), which produced the ICP monitor. This device was a major breakthrough in the treatment of head injury.

Today, Ladd Research continues to provide high quality products and unsurpassed service throughout the world.

Thanks from all of us at Ladd.

Key Personnel


J.D. Arnott, President
John Arnott, Chairman

Jen Arnott, International Sales

Debra C. Sicard, Vice President, Sales

Charles R. Duvic, Ph.D., Manager - Chemistry Division & IT Director

Casey O'Connor, Manager - Aperture/Microhole Division

John Guilmette, Manager - Research & Development

Michael Bouchard, Manager - Vacuum Products Division

Damir Husrefovic, Director of New Products
Rita Arnott, Vice Chairwoman


Carlton W. Sheldon, Director of Engineering