Call today for a quote on our new high quality rhenium alloys and other refractory metals and fabricated products.

Our major product lines include:


  • Rhenium - foil, sheet, plate, ribbon, wire, rod, tubing
  • Molybdenum-Rhenium Alloys - foil, sheet,    plate, wire, rod, tubing. Most common alloys: Mo-47.5%Rh, Mo-44.5% Re, Mo-41% Re
  • Tungsten-Rhenium Alloys - Wire, rod, sheet, plate. Most common alloys: W-26% Re, W-25% Re, W-5% Re
  • Rhenium Metal Powder and Chemicals - Rhenium metal powder, rhenium melting stock, perrhenic acid
  • Copper-Tungsten - Foil, sheet, plate, rod, wire, tubing. Most common alloys: 60%W-40%Cu, 70%W-30%Cu
  • Fabrication - Fabricated components of refractory metals and alloys (welding, forming, machining, EDM)