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Buy Light Electron Microscopy Accessories Online

Products include Micro Picks, Micro Probes, Marking Pencils & Scribes, Lens Tissue, Embedding Film and more for Electron Light Microscopy. 

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Micro Picks and Probes

11200 - Micro Picks and Probes

Micro Picks and Probes:

Made of stainless steel, with needle sharp points ideal for working with tissues, fiber and fine particle specimens. Set of four.

Diamond Marking Pencil

11380 - Diamond Marking Pencil

Diamond Marking Pencil:

Excellent for marking microscope slides at the work bench and for labelling backs of photographic slides in the dark room. Useful in scoring glass for glass knives. Will scribe metal surfaces clearly.

Glascribe® Tungsten Scribe

11384 - Glascribe® Tungsten Scribe

Glascribe® Tungsten Scribe:

Use to permanently mark all lab ware. A pocket clip keeps the pen convenient. Withdrawable tungsten carbide tip writes on glass, ceramics, and plastic. Safely etches and engraves

Teflon Coated Speedles

60410 - PTFE Coated Speedles

PTFE Coated Speedles:

Miniature spatula-needles. May be used to make micro dispersions directly on adhesive tape, etc. and on SEM specimen mounts. Ideal for applying very small quantities of adhesive around edges of specimens and foils on SEM specimen mounts. Four different blade sizes. Handles color-coded for easy identification. Set of 4 speedles.

Printed Viewing Frames

71050 - Printed Viewing Frames

Viewing frames for holding replicas flat during study or projection. 100 per package
51290 - ACLAR Embedding Film

51290 - ACLAR Embedding Film

ACLAR Embedding Film:

8" x 12.5" x 7.8 mil thick. 10 sheets/pkg


6 Item(s)

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