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Two component, 100% solids silver-filled epoxy designed specifically for chip bonding in microelectronic and optoelectronic applications. It is also used extensively for thermal management applications due to its high thermal conductivity.

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Suggested Applications:


Semiconductor IC Packaging
-  Die attaching chips to leadframes; compatible with Si and MEM's chips, 260 degree C lead-free reflow and JEDEC Level I packaging requirements.
-  Capable of being snap cured in-line, as well as traditional box oven techniques.
-  Adhesive for solderless flip chip packaging and ultra fine pitch SMD printing


Hybrid Micro-electronics
-  A comparable alternative to solder and eutectic die attach, in terms of thermal performance; very commonly no more than 1-2 degree C/watt difference in thermal resistance.
-  Die-attaching of quartz crystal oscillators (QCO) to the Au posts of TO-can style lead-frame
-  Used with GaAs chips for microwave/radar applications up to 77 GHz
-  SMD attach adhesive which can be cured simultaneously with die-attach processes: Compatible with Au, Ag, Ag-Pd terminations of capacitors and resistor SMDs.
-  NASA approved low outgassing adhesive
-  Adhesive for EMI and Rf shielding of Rf, microwave and IR devices


Electronic & PCB Circuit Assembly
-  Used to make electrical contacts in acoustical applications of speakers/microphones
-  Electrical connection of piezo's to PCB. Pads of PZT are connected to many kinds of circuits using H20E, including ink jet heads, MEMs and ultrasound devices
-  Automotive applications include pressure sensing and accelerometer circuits
-  Electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) for connections of circuits to Cu coils in Rf antenna applications such as smart cards and RFID tags.
-  ECA for attaching SMDs to membrane switch flex circuits. Compatible with Ag-PTF and carbon graphite PCB pads. A low temperature "solder-free" solution. 
-  Solar-Photovoltaic industry

  •      ECA for the electrical connection of transparent conductive oxide (TCO) to PCB pads.
  •      Replacement of solder joints of Cu/Sn ribbon wire, from cell-to-cell; a common solar cell stringing adhesive.
  •      Die-attach of III-V semiconductor chips to substrates used in solar concentrator technology, such as CdTe and GaAs
  •      An effective heat-sink on thermal substrates using Cu, BeO, aluminum nitride, etc
  •      Ability to be dispensed in high volumes via dots, arrays, and writing methods


Medical Applications
-  USP Class VI adhesive for circuits requiring implantation/biocompatibility
-  Die-attaching photo diode arrays in X-ray circuits
-  Vibration resistant adhesive for ultrasound applications <20 MHz frequency; making the electrical connection of PZT to Au/PCB substrate.
-  Electrical connections of die, SMDs and QCO for pacemaker hybrid circuits
-  A common ECA for hearing aid applications using hybrid, ECM or MEMs technology


Opto-Electronic Packaging Applications
-  Adhesive for fiber optic components using DIP, Butterfly or custom hybrid IC packages. As an ECA, it attaches waveguides, die bonds laser diodes and heat sings the high power laser circuits.
-  Die-attaching IR-detector chips onto PCBs or TO-can style headers.
-  Die-attaching LED chips to substrates using single chip packages or arrays
         Adhesion to Ag, Au and Cu plated leadframes and PCBs.
-  Electrical connection of ITO to PCBs found in LCD industry
         A low temp ECA for OLED displays and organically printable electronics.


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