LR White - Hard and Medium Grade Resins - 500 g

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This product is available in both high and medium grade.

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12393 - LR White Resin - Hard Grade - 500 g
12394 - LR White Resin - Medium Grade - 500 g
Please Note!! LR White resin ALWAYS comes with a separate vial of catalyst. The catalyst must be thoroughly mixed with resin before use. The Resin/Catalyst mixture can be used, as is, when heat curing the resin. No accelerator is needed to heat cure the resin. The accelerator is used with the Resin/Catalyst mixture when chemically catalyzing the resin. Chemical catalysis is MUCH faster than heat curing but it is also much more exothermic. It is up to the individual to decide which method of cure is to be used.
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