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Analog Acrylic Door Incubators

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120 Watts:
- Exterior Dimensions: 13" w X 15" h X 11" d
- Interior Dimensions: 12" w X 10" h X 10" d
- Electrical: 115VAC*, 120 Watts
- Operating Range: Ambient +2°C to 62°C

235 Watts:
- Exterior Dimensions: 19" w X 21" h X 13" d
- Interior Dimensions: 18" w X 16" h X 12" d
- Electrical: 115VAC*, 235 Watts
- Operating Range: Ambient +2°C to 62°C

*All incubators are available in 230VAC at no additional charge. Please let us know at the time of your order.

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11641 - Analog Acrylic Door Incubator - 120 Watts
11644 - Analog Acrylic Door Incubator - 235 Watts
These light-pressure thermal convection incubators offer good utility at an affordable price. These units feature a see-through tinted acrylic door that enables the user to see the entire work space without opening the door. This helps to maintain temperature stability and ease work flow. These models can maintain temperatures up to 62*deg;C through a precise bimetal controller that is temperature stable to +/- 0.75°C. Control panel includes illuminated power switch and heat cycle pilot light. Standard equipment includes one fixed and one adjustable chrome-plated wire shelf and an environmentally friendly spirit thermometer.
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