10591 - #7b Dumont Dumostar Tweezer - High Precision Grade

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#7b High Precision Grade

Tip: 0.17mm x 0.10mm 

Length: 115mm

Non-corrosive and non-magnetic.


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The very finest in the excellent line of Dumont tweezers. All Dumont Dumostar Tweezers are non-corrosive and non-magnetic.

Biological Grade: The ultimate tweezer. The finest and sharpest precision tips available for special applications where only the best is acceptable. The tip is typically half the diameter of High Precision Grade.

High Precision Grade: The worldwide standard to which all other tweezers are compared. Tips are very fine and sharp and are suitable for most laboratory applications.

Electronic Grade: Precision tweezers with slightly larger tips than Dumont High Precision Type. Handles are coated with an insulating, chemical and wear resistant epoxy.

SKU 10591
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