Bench Top LADD Vacuum Evaporator with Turbo Pump

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Key advantages of a turbo pump over a diffusion pump:
1.  Quicker pump down. From a cold start to high vacuum
      in less than 3 minutes.
2.  Cleaner system - No oil vapors.
3.  Better, faster vacuum.
4.  Air cooled. Water is not required for cooling a turbo pump.

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30008BT - Vacuum Evaporator with Turbo Pump - Bench Top Model, - 110VAC / 60Hz
30007BT - Vacuum Evaporator with Turbo Pump - Bench Top Model - 220V / 50Hz
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  • - Physical interlocks on both valve handles completely prevent 100% of backstreaming in diffusion pump models and pressure crashes in turbo models.
  • - Four individual electrode feedthroughs allow up to 4 separate evaporations in one vacuum pumpdown without going to atmosphere. 
  • - Vacuum set point controlled electronics safety switches. Insures completely safe electronic usage. Electronics will only work under a vacuum.
  • - Full, easy-to-read digital display with three user controlled vacuum set points and locking display.
  • - Large work area. Bell jar is 12 inches outer diameter and 12 inches high.
  • - Bonus accessory feedthrough for motorized accessories.
  • - Digital vacuum gauge can read in torr, millibar or pascal with a push of a button. Can also be calibrated to different gases. 
  • - 1/4 inch gas port on side of evaporator for purging chamber with different gases. 
  • - Can evaporate carbon rods, carbon thread, powders, metal wire, shot and granules with a melting point below 1700 degrees Celsius.
  • - Vacuum easily into the range of 10-6 torr. 
  • - Electrical: Available in 110V, 60Hz and 220V, 50Hz.
  • - Dimensions: 20" high (with bell jar add 12") x 22" deep x 28" wide.
  • - Weight: 385 lbs.
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